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What We’re Looking Forward to in 2016: Trends in Automation Manufacturing

What We’re Looking Forward to in 2016: Trends in Automation Manufacturing

Automation technology had a great year in 2015, and 2016 looks to be similar. It is time to look forward to what may be coming in 2016. The technology that will arise out of the current trends will likely focus on machines completing more complex tasks, better collection of data, utilization of networks, and creating streamlined human machine interfaces.

Here’s a glimpse at the trends we can look forward to in 2016:

Machines Completing More Complex Tasks

In the past, automated robots struggled to perform the most basic human actions. They could not walk properly, let alone go up a flight of stairs; they could not pick up simple objects, let alone grab handfuls things like sand; they could not even open doors, a task that even toddlers must be prevented from doing.

While machines have notoriously struggled to keep up with people’s ability to perform complex tasks, technological advances over the past few years have advanced automation technology further than ever.

Machines have now been seen picking up almost any object, and millions of self-driving cars are expected to be on the road by 2020. In 2016, we can expect to see further advances in automation technology that will allow machines to build products and perform tasks that they have never been able to do before.

More Big Data Initiatives

Big Data has been a major focus of business owners for several years now, and since the integration of cloud systems into the automated workplace, business leaders have had unlimited stores of data to sift through.

Analyzing metrics is a necessity when trying to achieve key performance indicators, and nothing is more efficient at collecting data than automation technology. In 2016, we can look forward to a huge increase in data-based initiatives in the workplace, leading to more machines being equipped with data-collecting applications that make it easier to store and access all levels of key metrics.

Utilization of Networks

High-speed networks are no longer simply for quickly moving file data. Dependable, high-speed networks are used for managing large banks of IO, passing parameters from controllers to other devices, and deterministic control of closed loop motion control systems.

Networks are becoming so dependable and wide spread that even wireless networks are being deployed in applications that considered only discrete wiring as a palatable and proper method for control.

Better HMIs

As machines become more common in the workplace, the need for a more user-friendly HMI has become a major focus of engineers. In order to seamlessly integrate machines into the workplace, engineers have developed HMIs that resemble those used in smartphones, a technology that nearly all workers are familiar with.

In 2016, we can look forward to multi-touch interfaces (those relying on swipes, pinches and other multi-finger commands) replacing single-touch screens. This along with other features will make it easier for employees to be guided through proper machine operation and sequencing allowing greater efficiency and fewer errors.

Choose the Right Automation Partner in 2016

As the technology continues to advance throughout 2016, it becomes important to partner with a company that keeps up with the most recent technology. At AMMC, we both follow and adapt to the latest trends in machine automation, allowing us to better serve our customer’s interests and help them meet their goals. Contact us today to find the automation solution that is right for you.