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VIPA GmbH was a start-up before the word was ever invented. The company was founded in 1985 by Wolfgang Seel and successfully driven by his enthusiasm for automation and the necessary vision for the possibilities of the industry. All this at a time when the Commodore 64 was considered to be the top performer. It’s true that the first company address wasn’t a garage, but nevertheless a three-room apartment. For the business plan, however, that’s all the room that was needed. The company was thinking laterally by offering alternatives but remaining compatible.

The first products were supplements and optimizations for existing Siemens systems. In the 90s, the first PLC-System of their own was added and after that, innovation after innovation followed.

Today, with its range of products, among others offering one of the fastest Hard-PLCs, VIPA is now completely established as a automation solution provider and not only as a strong contender as alternative for the S7 Family from Siemens. Being open to many fieldbus systems, VIPA is flexible worldwide.

VIPA GmbH is now represented in over 60 countries, has almost 300 employees and is (with an annual turnover of around €50 million) a successful company. One that is still native to Franconia, producing here and creating jobs. One that grows continuously but will remain agile. Because the ways are shorter, decisions can be made like our best PLCs are called: with speed.

Featured Products

Slice IO

  • Compact and Space-Saving Design
  • Conceptual separation of electronic and installation layer
  • Space-saving, thin design
  • Innovative staircase-shaped wiring layer
  • Simple “Two components set-up”
  • Clever Labeling and Diagnostic Concept
  • Clear allocation and readability of channel states
  • Simple, time-saving installation and maintenance by means of the connector pin assignment provided on the module
  • Clear, definite labeling of channels
  • Reference designator label remains on the exchange of a module
  • Installation and Maintainability
  • “Permanent Wiring” enables the exchanging without the disconnection of the wiring
  • Intelligent slide and plug mechanism for a simple handling
  • Electronic is protected against reverse polarity
  • Encoding of the electronic modules prevents from incorrect plugging
  • High performance
  • Quick backplane bus concept of 48MBit/s
  • With ETS modules it is possible to switch exactly up to +-1us independent of fieldbus



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2014 03 EK007526 VIPA Yaskawa Solution ENG web 02Brochure/Catalog


distributed-io ethercat ethernet ipc remote-io
2016 VIPA Micro BrochureBrochure/Catalog


distributed-io ethercat ethernet ipc remote-io


distributed-io ethercat ethernet ipc remote-io
VIPA 200V Series PLC & Remote I-O BrochureBrochure/Catalog


distributed-io ethercat ethernet ipc remote-io
VIPA Catalog – System SummaryBrochure/Catalog


distributed-io ethercat ethernet ipc remote-io

Technical Documents

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VIPA 343-1EX71 Manual – UDPManual


distributed-io ethercat ethernet ipc remote-io



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