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TruTech Specialty Motors

TruTech Specialty Motors designs brush, brushless and linear motors to meet the customer’s requirements. For limited applications, we have the capability to build custom drives.

Our Fastrack Motors use standard components with a customer selected Ke, torque / speed requirements that can be modified to their applications. The Fastrack series are based upon two distinct magnetic circuits that optimize motor designs for high speed low torque and low speed high torque. These motors give you lower rotational losses, excellent thermal transfer, interchangeable end caps, easily sealed. Options include connectors, encoders, shaft modifications, dimensional changes, etc.

All other custom motor designs are based upon customer requirements. We have varied magnetic circuits based upon inputs and output requirements. Most motors in this category have unique electrical and physical requirements.

  • Ke up to 1000
  • Voltage ranges from 24 vdc to 635 vdc
  • Frame sizes ranging from Nema 10 to Nema 56
  • Metric frame sizes from 25 mm to 142 mm
TruTech Specialty Motors is a business designed to take advantage of recent consolidation of motor manufacturers in the US which has resulted in large companies with a focus toward high-volume standard models manufactured primarily in China. This consolidation has left significant segments of the motor market underserved. These underserved markets include specialty motors in volumes of 5000 per year and fewer, custom designed motors and legacy motors.
TruTech will build replacement or similar legacy motors for discontinued MCG, PacSci, Kollmorgen.

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