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Trust Automation’s team of full service multi-disciplined engineering group can partner with you to design and develop full machines, sub-systems and machine components.  We are “one point of responsibility” providing; software, hardware, systems, mechanical engineering, power management, field support and product sustainability.

We offer a range of solutions from basic OEM products all the way to designing, engineering, and manufacturing motion and motor control system solutions for the most complicated applications.

Whatever your motion or motor control need is, we’ve got you covered. We can solve the most complicated motion and motor control issues and power management issues. We’re experienced, reliable, dependable and offer the highest quality standards available.

Featured Products


Specialty Motors

  • Designed for high-performance motion control applications, Trust Automation’s series of brushed and brushless servo motors will improve performance while lowering cost. All motors have been engineered to reduce torque ripple for best in class operation, while integral encoder, brake and tachometer options make them ideal for use in robotics, machine tool, medical equipment, assembly and packaging applications.
  • High Torque, Low RPM Custom Motors developed to rotate large pedestals continuously, or rapid slew to commanded position. Ruggedized for environmental and electromagnetic protection.
  • High RPM, extreme conditions frameless motors ruggedized for combat use with position feedback integrated in smart bearing.


Military Applications

  • High-speed, high-accuracy munition delivery systems from small caliber to large systems
  • High energy discharge sub-system solutions for electric weapons
  • Custom pan, tilt or elevation solutions for large scale launch platforms for fire control
  • High-voltage battery management systems for unmanned vehicles (air, marine, ground)
  • Electric motor and drive solutions with low noise signatures (electrical or acoustic) for weapons detection, weapon delivery or stealth monitoring


Specialty Drives

  • High-efficiency, brushless DC motor drives for constant speed or velocity applications
  • Controller/drive shape, size and power level can be customized
  • Advanced firmware, Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and power electronics take full advantage of the unique motor topology, operating senselessly at high torque and very low speed
  • Very high system efficiency
  • NEMA 67 rated drive assembly for wash-down
  • Field Oriented Control for system maximum efficiency
  • Sensorless operation–no encoder or hall sensors needed



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brushless-motor drives servo-drives ta305
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