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ThinGap High Performance Motors

ThinGap specializes in the development and production of custom high performance brushless DC motors and generators. These machines utilize our ironless composite stator and lightweight high energy rotor technologies. We design and manufacture machines from 0.1 kW to 70 kW shaft power and are currently developing a series of new motors and generators for medical, aerospace, and industrial applications.

With either a new motor/generator design or modifications to a standard product, our team of specialists will create a solution that meets your application requirements. Our engineering toolbox includes years of experience, leading CAD and motor simulation software, as well as a fully instrumented test lab. With our full range of engineering design and application services we have created high quality special purpose machines for a wide range of applications.

Our motor engineering specialists apply proprietary analytical methods and a suite of development tools to accurately simulate the operating performance of all components, as well as the complete system, before any hardware is built. We use a variety of software and modeling packages including:

  • SolidWorks for solid modeling and mechanical simulation
  • JMAG for electromechanical and electromagnetic simulation
  • MATLAB for numerical analysis and optimization
  • LabView for testing and control

Final stages of motor/generator development include full machine analysis and characterization in our test lab. Contact us with your high performance motor, generator, and/or controller inquires.

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