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Rollvis Swiss

After its founding in 1970, ROLLVIS SA soon began to focus on the manufacturing and marketing of satellite roller screws under the trademark « Rollvis swiss ».

Now a benchmark in this highly specialized field, ROLLVIS SA has invested in the most powerful machines for the production of screws with low tolerance margins designed to individual specifications.

A fast-growing company with a young and highly qualified workforce, ROLLVIS SA recently moved into new ultra-modern premises near to Geneva.
It is structured to preserve its human scale and its capacity to listen and adapt perfectly to its customers’ requirements.

Featured Products

Satellite Roller Screws

  • The bearing elements are threaded rollers between the screw and the nut
  • The high number of points of contact enables satellite roller screws to support very heavy loads

Satellite Roller Screws with Roller Recycling

  • RVR satellite roller screws are used when high positioning accuracy is required along with high rigidity and load-carrying capacity
  • When the screw or nut rotates, the rollers are axially displaced in the nut
  • After a complete revolution, each roller is returned to its initial position by two cams at the end of each nut

Differential Screws

  • A variant of the other roller screws, differential screws have extremely fine threads or zero
  • The movement of the rollers prevents a wide range of travel
  • The nuts are larger than on the RV and BRV types



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ballscrew high-force linear-actuator roller-screw rollvis


ballscrew high-force linear-actuator roller-screw rollvis
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high-force linear-actuator roller-screw screw

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