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E•DRIVE actuators are designed, manufactured, tested, and serviced in West Hartford, CT.
Founded in 1980, E•DRIVE Actuators, Inc. initially developed a wide variety of heavy duty ball screw linear actuators, targeting the machine tool retrofit market. Thus, established guiding principles of conservative design, rugged construction, long life, and high precision.

Over the years E•DRIVE’s business has grown based on a philosophy of design flexibility and rapid response to customers’ needs. As the machine tool market declined, their unique steel construction and long life have attracted new markets, namely factory automation, and more specifically the replacement for hydraulic and pneumatic linear actuators. E•DRIVE’s business has continued to grow as the demands for improved control over linear motion have increased.

E•DRIVE has “standardized” our product lines to facilitate national distribution; however, they willingly modify these designs in the interest of easing the customers’ utilization of our products. They focus on understanding the application, recommending the optimum solution, and making it easier for the customer to mechanically and electrically interface with their existing equipment.

Since its’ inception, E•DRIVE customers have enjoyed an unsurpassed commitment to superior quality, integrity, and customer service. They now offer a standard five year warranty, showing our trust and belief in our superior designs and construction.

They continue to expand the capabilities of our products; the most recent addition is the HDL™ offering an internal load cell for precise control of force as well as position and motion. Our experienced staff will provide as much technical support as needed to assist in specifying the most appropriate design and recommending modifications where necessary.

After market service remains our highest priority. E•DRIVE routinely performs emergency repairs within one day and often can perform a complete, warranted as new, rebuild within the same timeframe. If they do not have the ball screw in stock, a typical rebuild is 4-5 days.

Featured Products

Eliminator SD
Eliminator HD
Eliminator MT

Eliminator SD Super Duty Linear Actuators

  • Rugged steel construction with durable anti-rotation feature
  • Extreme thrust capacity up to 100,000 lbf
  • Velocity up to 12 in/sec, Strokes up to 48 inches
  • Combines with your servomotor to achieve the perfect high precision/high load capacity

Eliminator HD Heavy Duty Linear Actuators

  • Rugged steel construction with durable anti-rotation feature
  • Rated thrust up to 25,000 lbf
  • High velocity up to 23 in/sec, Stroke up to 48 inches
  • 0.002 in/ft standard lead accuracy, 0.0005 in/ft optional lead accuracy

Eliminator MT Machine Tool Linear Actuators

  • Machine tool grade components
  • Accumulative accuracy essential to modern manufacturing
  • High system stiffness – repeatable positioning even under varying loads
  • Rated thrust up to 15,000 lbf
  • Velocity up to 12 in/sec, Strokes up to 42 inches


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