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Cone Drive

Cone Drive is a world leader in precision motion control technology. They work with customers every step of the way – from design specifications to the final solution – to create highly precise and specific products that keep our customers’ technology at the forefront of their industry.

Cone Drive is a globally integrated business with operations on three continents serving a wide range of precision motion control technology markets. The global trading brands of Cone Drive and H-Fang offer an extensive range of highly engineered precision motion control technologies, services, and bespoke engineered solutions that satisfy the most challenging requirements across the world.

Cone Drive offers dedicated engineering support, unique solutions, and innovative technology across a breadth of industries and products to drive your company forward.

Featured Products


Harmonic Solutions

  • Cone Drive Harmonic Solutions® (also known as strain wave gearing) offers the ultimate in precision motion control technology. Our product range includes gearheads and component sets.
  • Harmonic gearing is low to zero backlash by design. It provides high transmission accuracy and can support a high ratio reduction in a single stage with lower inertia. The highly accurate, torque dense design makes harmonics a great solution for robotic and positioning applications.


Power Transmission

  • Power Transmission Solutions are designed with torque in mind
  • Cone Drive Power Transmission Solutions are industry leading right angle gearbox solutions for applications that requires extremely high torque and precision in a quiet, compact package


Stainless Steel Solutions

  • Double reduction solutions now available for system design flexibility and thermal capacity superiority: high ratio and high efficiency options
  • Reducer and custom options available with standard quill & non-fretting bushing
  • Stainless Steel housing (316) and Stainless Steel (304) solid, hollow, or shrink disk output options in inch or metric
  • Dual input bearing and true double enveloping gearing for superior rigidity and torque density
  • IP69K and NSF rated, tested, and approved hygienic design



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