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AMMC Solutions Partners

AMMC is your gold standard source for optimal motion control and automation solutions — and we deliver by leveraging our extensive applications engineering experience and expertise through the diverse group of blue-chip products and services outlined below.

We call these manufacturers our “Solutions Partners” because they work closely with us to create optimal solutions for our customer needs. We often use off-the-shelf components for applications; however from time to time the the best solution is a slight tweak a standard off the shelf product or a brand new product designed from the ground up. Together with the partners listed here, we can deliver exactly what you need for your automation application.


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AMMC Solutions Partners Matrix

Below is matrix of our Solutions Partners – choose the category that interests you!

  • Heidenhain
  • Sankyo Automation
  • Allied Motion
  • Motor Power Company
  • Accu Tech USA
  • Lovato Electric
  • SAS Automation

    SAS Automation

    Robotic End of Arm Tooling
    • Tooling for Palletizing, Plastics, Food, Press Tending
    • Components for Wrist, Hand, Finger, and Muscle
    • Application Kits or Complete Design

  • Zero-Max


    Servo Class Couplings and Bushings:
    • Flexible Shaft Couplings
    • Keyless Shaft Bushings
    • Torque Limiters

  • Vipa


    PLCs, Remote I/O, Software, HMI & Panel PCs:
    • EtherCAT, DeviceNet & Modbus I/O
    • PLC, HMI, SCADA Software
    • Panel PCs

  • TruTech


    Standard and Custom Servo Motors:
    • FasTrack products
    • Up to NEMA 56/Metric 110mm
    • Complete custom design

  • Trust Automation

    Trust Automation

    Mechatronic & Motion Systems:
    • Commercial Off-The-Shelf & Custom Solutions
    • Integrated Control, Drive, Motor & Actuator Systems
    • Military Grade Design, Certification & Manufacture
    • Battery Management Systems

  • Thomson


    Linear Motion Components:
    • Linear Slides & Actuators
    • Ball & Lead Screw
    • Linear Bearings & Guides

  • ThinGap


    High Performance Brushless Motors:
    • Composite design
    • Up to 70KW Capacity
    • Speeds greater than 10,000rpm

  • Rollvis Swiss

    Rollvis Swiss

    Precision Roller Screws:
    • Satellite Roller Screws
    • Reverse Roller Screws
    • Differential Roller Screws

  • Robot System Products

    Robot System Products

    Robotic Peripheral Equipment:
    • Tool Changers & Swivels
    • Mechanical Grippers & Valve Packs

  • Renishaw


    Linear & Rotary Encoders:
    • Self-Adhesive Scales
    • Compact Read Heads
    • Very High Precision

  • Omron


    Omron Automation
    • PLCs, Controllers, HMI
    • Sensors and Safety Products
    • Drives and motors

  • Nook


    Mechanical Components & Systems:
    • Precision Ball & Acme Screws
    • Electric Cylinder & Modular Actuators
    • cme & Ball Screw Jacks

  • Nexen


    Precision motion control products
    • Roller pinion, linear and rotary
    • Linear and rotary holding (brake) systems
    • Clutches, torque limiters, tension control

  • Marathon Motors

    Marathon Motors

    AC & DC Motors:
    • Inverter Duty “Max” Family
    • Pump Motors (Fluid Handling)
    • Washdown, Painted & Stainless Options

  • Macron Dynamics

    Macron Dynamics

    Linear Actuators & Gantry Systems:
    • Belt & Screw Driven Linear Actuators
    • Multi-Axis Gantry Systems
    • Cartesian Robots

  • LinMot


    High Performance Linear Motor Systems:
    • Linear Motors
    • Guided Actuators
    • Servo Drives

  • Exor


    Integrated HMI + PLC, SCADA:
    • 500 & 600 Series HMI + CODESYS Soft PLC
    • Plug-in PLC I/O Modules
    • JMobile PC Runtime Software

  • Elmo Motion Control

    Elmo Motion Control

    Motion Control Solutions:
    • Multi Axis Motion Controllers
    • Servo Drive & Motors
    • Integrated Drives/Motors

  • E*Drive


    Heavy duty linear screw actuators
    • High thrust capacity
    • Conservative design, rugged construction, long life
    • Can mount any motor, customizeable

  • Dunkermotor


    Modular Motor, Gear, Drive Systems:
    • Brush & Brushless Motors
    • Servo Tube Linear Motors
    • Fieldbus & Ethernet Integrated Drives

  • Delta Tau

    Delta Tau

    Motion Controllers, Drives, & CNC:
    • Machine & Motion Controllers
    • Integrated Controller/Amplifiers
    • CNC Solutions

  • BEI Sensors

    BEI Sensors

    Rotary Encoders:
    • IP67 Harsh Environment
    • Absolute/Incremental

  • Applied Robotics

    Applied Robotics

    Specialty robotic grippers and tooling
    • Automatic Tool Changing
    • Collision Sensors
    • Grippers, Docking & Connection

  • Apex Dynamics

    Apex Dynamics

    Planetary Gearboxes & Rack Systems:
    • High Precision In-Line & Right Angle Gearboxes
    • Shaft & Flange Output Gearboxes
    • High Precision Spur & Helical Machine Rack & Pinion

  • Amo


    Linear & Rotary Encoders:
    • Spars & Self-Adhesive Scales
    • IP67 for Harsh Applications
    • Rotary/Linear & Increemental/Absolute
    • Integrated Scale/Linear Bearing System

  • Advantech


    Automation Devices and Computing Products:
    • Embedded Automation PCs
    • Remote I/O Modules
    • Industrial Communication
    • Intelligent HMI