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Automation Product Feature: Omron Light Curtains

Automation Product Feature: Omron Light Curtains

Omron has set the industry standard with their new generation of safety and sensing solutions. This includes their most recent line of light curtains, which provide superior protection in automation systems where safety is crucial. 

Omron light curtains offer advanced finger, arm and body protection in industrial environments. The multitude of features across their many models include simplified beam adjustment for maximized precision, fast setup and configuration to most systems, sturdy mounting brackets for easy placement, and extensive data logging for comprehensive troubleshooting. 

Today we’re going to take a closer look at the F3SG-SR series of Omron light curtains. 

The Basics of the F3SG-SR

The F3SG-SR series of light curtain, arguably Omron’s most advanced yet, was developed specifically with the globalization and flexibility challenges manufacturers face. There are many global safety standards that manufacturers must keep up with, and these light curtains offer a wide range of features and functionality to help meet them. 

The F3SG-SR series of light curtain is ideal for cold food storage warehouses (that operate in 30-degree temperatures), metalworking plants (with oil and mist), and other harsh environments (including those where dust and dirt are common). 

The Primary Features of F3SG-SR Light Curtains

  • Tri-color indicators (red, yellow, green): these three area beam indicators (ABI) help with alignment, reduce setup times and help users know if the light curtain’s face is in need of cleaning. It also has an at-a-glance beam status notification. 
  • Intelligent tapthis bluetooth or USB module (with backup and restore settings) helps reduce programming and replacement times (by up to 90%). Programs are stored and automatically uploaded to the light curtain when finished. Intelligent tap also allows for remote monitoring of processes via an I/O link. This gives users a look at the real-time status of the light curtain process as well as the service data. 
  • Protective heights range from 160 mm to 2,480 mm and can be adjusted in 40 mm increments, allowing users to adjust the light curtain as closely as possible to the height of the device they are using. 
  • Separate replacement of multiple components, including TX/RX light curtains, cables for light curtains, and the emitter or receiver (instead of having to swap out the complete system). 
  • Autosense for NPN / PNP outputs (LED indication) 
  • PSDI (Presence Sensing Device Initiation) 
  • Programmable Response Time changes 
  • Bluetooth options 
  • Stack light options 

Enhanced Durability

One of the most useful features of Omron light curtains are their durability and resistance to harsh industrial environments. Whether you application needs to work in dust and dirt ridden manufacturing environments, extreme cold, or areas where water, oil, and mist are common, Omron’s light curtains can still be installed. They have been tested and proven to have excellent impact and drop resistance, and have even passed tests where they have been submerged in water and oil. 

See Omron put their light curtains through a “torture test” in this video. 

The key features that enhance the durability and ruggedness of Omron light curtains are: 

  • A tightly sealed structure that prevents liquid and dust from penetrating the external casing and impacting the internal components. 
  • A metal housing that prevents damage when impacted or dropped. 
  • High-power optical system that can operate in harsh and hazy environments. 

Should errors occur with the light curtains, comprehensive error diagnosis and clear color indicators make maintenance a breeze. Users can quickly diagnose and resolve issues with the system using quick-replacement components and saved backups of programs within the light curtain itself.  

Need help choosing the right light curtain for your application’s safety system? Contact our automation specialists here at AMMC!