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Automation Product Feature: Yaskawa GA800 Drive

Automation Product Feature: Yaskawa GA800 Drive

When it comes to variable frequency drives, Yaskawa is a leader in the industry. Yaskawa’s line of ac drives is vast and well-suited for a large range of industrial applications. Each drive can service various applications, but some are better suited to handle specific tasks better than others, which means choosing the right VFD will help machine designers achieve a better outcome for their system. 

This product feature will go into detail on the Yaskawa GA800 drive, an easy-to-use and flexible drive that provides a healthy mixture of power and performance capabilities.

The Built-In Capabilities of the Yaskawa GA800 Drive

The GA800 drive’s strengths lie in its torque production and precise control capabilities. The drive is ideal for machine designers looking for a simple control mechanism with advanced network communications and a good record of safety when controlling machine applications. 

There are three main differentiators of the GA800 that make it appealing for machine designers and end users of the drive: 

  1. Ease of use: the GA800’s setup wizard eliminates the learning curve when it comes to implementing the drive into your system. It also features and intuitive keypad and visual display that has a host of user-friendly features. This drive is also easy to use with mobile devicesBluetooth connectivity with cloud services and a DriveWizard® PC put the power to it right into the hands of end users. 
  2. Flexibility: GA800 drives can control all major 3-phase motors through many major networks. They also offer a rich set of customizable control features, making them suitable for a large array of control needs. This drive fits right into many applications across multiple industries. 
  3. Sustainability: GA800 drives are sustainable, both in terms of the longevity of your system and the environment. Embedded functional safety features help them reduce downtime, while conformal coated circuit boards make them suitable for many harsh environments. Their electrical design is friendly to power systems and surrounding equipment, and the materials used in their overall construction are environmentally friendly (RoHS compliant). 

Motor Control Benefits of the GA800

  • Accurate autotuning allows for optimized performance for all connected motors 
  • Precise and optimized control avoids tripping even at aggressive settings 
  • Open and closed loop vector control for regulation and torque production  
  • 590Hz maximum frequency 
  • 110% normal duty overload, 150% heavy duty overload 
  • Integrated brake transistor up to 125 HP (ND) / 100 HP (HD) 
  • Integrated DC reactor, brake transistor and 12 pulse version (offers low harmonics) 

GA800 Software

The built-in software with the GA800 drive is designed to make its use easy and intuitive. It can be controlled via desktop or mobile devices, or via the built-in keypad and visual display. The DriveWizard software makes it easy for users to: 

  • Quickly and easily select the drives needed for each application 
  • Create realistic simulations of the programming and operation of the GA800 drive 
  • Estimate the harmonics at the Point of Common Coupling (PCC) and use the drive to select the right mitigation solutions 
  • Control applications with drives to save energy and operating costs 

Is the GA800 Drive Right for Your Application?

Whether or a drive can and should be used with your application are two very different questions. Choosing the right drive can help you increase productivity, drive down costs and increase the effectiveness of an entire system. Find out if the GA800 is the best drive for your system by contacting the automation experts at AMMC today.