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Product Feature: Omron Safety Controllers

Product Feature: Omron Safety Controllers

Omron safety controllers are the industry standard for automation configurations. Their slim profiles of Omron controllers save panel space, reduce costs and are easy to install. Today, we are featuring two of Omron’s most versatile and popular controllers: the NX-S Safety Controller and the G9SP Programmable Safety Controller.

The Omron NX-S Safety Controller

NX-S safety controllers are ideal for a variety of uses within multiple industries. From automotive assembly and parts to food and beverage, semiconductor manufacturing and machine tool equipment, manufacturers and packagers can use these standalone safety controllers for all of their safety input and output needs.

Some of the major features of the NX-S Safety Controller include:

  • The ability to connects to any PLC/Programmable Automation Controller using Safety over EtherNet/IP.
  • Direct integration with Omron NJ/NX controllers using Safety over EtherCAT.
  • Compliance with IEC 61131-3 standard programming and PLCopen® Function Block.
  • A modular design for scalability and configuration flexibility using slice I/O.
  • Customizable and reusable user-defined function blocks.

Omron’s NX-S Safety Controller can be programmed with Sysmac Studio and offers offline simulation and simple automatic testing. Learn more about the NX-series Safety Controller by downloading its catalog.

The Omron G9SP Programmable Safety Controller

The Omron G9SP range consists of configurable safety controllers that can be used in the packaging, food, automotive components, injection moulding and printing industries. With three different models and a range of I/O lines, you can choose the setup that works best for your system. And since they aren’t hardwired into the system, you can easily reconfigure them whenever you make a change to your safety features.

Some of the major features of the G9SP Programmable Safety Controller include:

  • A clear UI that allows for fast and easy design and configuration.
  • Support for direct connection to safety mats and non-contact switches.
  • Ethernet or Serial connection for clear diagnosis and monitoring.
  • Configurable units that make it ideal for building multiple standalone systems with the same specification.

To learn more about the G9SP Programmable Safety Controller and find out if this software-based standalone controller family is right for your system, download its catalog.

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