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Packaging Equipment Applications Expertise

The solutions delivered by our engineering experts deliver on all fronts. We have a precise focus on quality and superior designs, and our automation solutions for packaging equipment can be tailored to fit seamlessly into your operations.

Speed, consistency, accuracy, and optimization are essential for the various machine types used in the packaging industry:

  • Cartoning
  • Cleaning
  • Closing
  • Coding and Marking
  • Conveyors
  • Filling
  • Food Processing
  • Form Fill Seal
  • Handling
  • Inspection
  • Labelling
  • Packing
  • Palletising & Depalletising
  • Pharmaceutical Processing
  • Wrapping

Automation Solutions for Packaging Equipment

Whether you need a single component or a full-scale automation solution for your packaging equipment, our experts will provide a solution that fits. From robotics to drives, safety components to human-machine interfaces (HMI), we can deliver solutions to optimize machine functionality, increase production outputs, and keep your employees safe.

We supply and implement a large range of automation products for packaging equipment that include:


Programmable automation controllers and programmable logic controllers

Machine Components

Machine components for distributed IO, pneumatics, power supplies, and more


Industrial Computers

Motion Controllers

Motion Controllers for PC-Based and stand alone controllers

Human Machine Interface

HMI options for large and small display, touch and non-touch

Networked Drives & Motors

Networked drive and motors for EtherCat, mechatrolink, MACRO, and more

Rotary and Linear Actuation

Linear and rotary actuators, belt, screw, and precision tables

Machine Safety

Machine safety for safety PLC, light curtains, safety mats, and area guarding

Let us help you find the right products for your application needs!

Our Solutions Partners

Our automation solutions are only one piece of the puzzle. We also partner with industry leading OEMs to bring you the best products from the robotics, automation and HMI sectors. Our solutions partners include:

  • Yaskawa (Motion Control) Document Library

    Yaskawa (Motion Control) Document Library

    Servo Motion Systems and Components:
    • Single & Multi-axis Machine Controllers
    • IEC61131-3 Software with PLCopen
    • Sigma 5 and Sigma 7 series, Rotary and Linear Motors
    • 3 watt to 55kw capacity
    • Ethernet/IP & EtherCAT

  • Omron Document Library

    Omron Document Library

    Omron Automation
    • PLCs, Controllers, HMI
    • Sensors and Safety Products
    • Drives and motors

  • Delta Tau Document Library

    Delta Tau Document Library

    Motion Controllers, Drives, & CNC:
    • Machine & Motion Controllers
    • Integrated Controller/Amplifiers
    • CNC Solutions

  • Yaskawa (Drive Systems) Document Library

    Yaskawa (Drive Systems) Document Library

    Variable Frequency Drives (VFD):
    • Variable and Constant Torque
    • 1/8 – 2250HP Capacity
    • Network Communication Interfaces

  • Advantech Document Library

    Advantech Document Library

    Automation Devices and Computing Products:
    • Embedded Automation PCs
    • Remote I/O Modules
    • Industrial Communication
    • Intelligent HMI

  • Allied Motion Document Library

    Allied Motion Document Library

    Standard and Custom Motors
    • Brushless DC & servo motors
    • Integrated motor/drive
    • Direct drive torque motors

  • Motor Power Company Document Library

    Motor Power Company Document Library

    OEM Motor Solutions
    • COTS and custom motors
    • Integrated motor/drive
    • Direct drive torque motors

  • Accu Tech USA Document Library

    Accu Tech USA Document Library

    Motion & Mechanical Solutions
    • Actuators and gantry systems
    • Ballscrews
    • Linear guides

  • Lovato Electric Document Library

    Lovato Electric Document Library

    Panel Components
    • Contactors and motor starters
    • Circuit breakers, fuse holders, disconnects
    • Selector switches and signal towers

  • Rollvis Swiss Document Library

    Rollvis Swiss Document Library

    Precision Roller Screws:
    • Satellite Roller Screws
    • Reverse Roller Screws
    • Differential Roller Screws

  • Renishaw Document Library

    Renishaw Document Library

    Linear & Rotary Encoders:
    • Self-Adhesive Scales
    • Compact Read Heads
    • Very High Precision

  • Nook Document Library

    Nook Document Library

    Mechanical Components & Systems:
    • Precision Ball & Acme Screws
    • Electric Cylinder & Modular Actuators
    • cme & Ball Screw Jacks

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