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Gone are the days of discrete wiring...

Here at AMMC we have seen the days of discrete wiring, first with relay logic, then with non-distributed PLC IO.  We have deployed thousands of servo axes using discrete wired analog command and digital feedback.  We have touched a lot of copper through the years and have yearned for distributed systems.  Our desires were met, and we were among the first to deploy distributed IO and high speed bus topologies for machine and motion control systems. These IO and motion control networks have become very reliable, fast, and relatively easy to deploy.  They have certainly reduced wiring, control panel size, installation costs, and allowed for a high degree of automation component distribution. We’ll help you choose the appropriate distributed IO or motion control bus architecture for your application needs, and then source the best products to fit.

  • High speed motion control networks
  • Distributed IO networks
  • Business based motors, drives, IO, HMI, and more

Network Solutions for any Industry or Application


Motion networks require speed, determinism, and dedicated clock frequencies.  These networks replace traditional analog command and digital feedback wiring with a high speed protocol capable of axis trajectory and error management.  Call us, we’ll help you choose!


Several bus topologies serve distributed IO networks well.  Key is to find the speed and datatypes important to your application, the type of IO required (analog, digital, thermocouples, encoder data, etc.) and where it will be located (harsh duty available).


There are many devices available today that have network capability – motors (with built in amp/controller), drives, controllers, IO, HMI, actuators, more.  We have them all and we’ll help you select what is best for your application!

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AMMC Network Solutions Partners

We combine the best-in-class network solutions with the best products on the market. We partner with the best companies from around the world to procure the products you need to support your machines. Check out our lineup below.

  • Heidenhain
  • Sankyo Automation
  • Allied Motion
  • Motor Power Company
  • Accu Tech USA
  • Lovato Electric
  • SAS Automation

    SAS Automation

    Robotic End of Arm Tooling
    • Tooling for Palletizing, Plastics, Food, Press Tending
    • Components for Wrist, Hand, Finger, and Muscle
    • Application Kits or Complete Design

  • Zero-Max


    Servo Class Couplings and Bushings:
    • Flexible Shaft Couplings
    • Keyless Shaft Bushings
    • Torque Limiters

  • Vipa


    PLCs, Remote I/O, Software, HMI & Panel PCs:
    • EtherCAT, DeviceNet & Modbus I/O
    • PLC, HMI, SCADA Software
    • Panel PCs

  • TruTech


    Standard and Custom Servo Motors:
    • FasTrack products
    • Up to NEMA 56/Metric 110mm
    • Complete custom design

  • Trust Automation

    Trust Automation

    Mechatronic & Motion Systems:
    • Commercial Off-The-Shelf & Custom Solutions
    • Integrated Control, Drive, Motor & Actuator Systems
    • Military Grade Design, Certification & Manufacture
    • Battery Management Systems

  • Thomson


    Linear Motion Components:
    • Linear Slides & Actuators
    • Ball & Lead Screw
    • Linear Bearings & Guides

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With over 100 years of machine and motion control engineering experience, AMMC is uniquely suited to support your next design project through every phase of product development — from design conceptualization and prototyping to commercialization and deployment.

Golden Motion is What We Do

AMMC is your gold standard source for optimal motion control and automation solutions. We deliver for you by leveraging our extensive applications experience and engineering expertise, and providing applications solutions that incorporate blue-chip products and services like those presented here. Coupled with our dedication to the ethics of the “Golden Rule”, you are ensured the “Golden Motion” experience.

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For the past twenty years, AMMC has remained faithful to the ethics of the “Golden Rule” in everything we do. Contact us today to put our time-tested technical excellence and “Golden Motion” solutions to work for you.

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