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Motion Controllers for every application

Choosing a motion controller for your application can be a daunting task.  PC based or stand alone?  Communication interfaces to drives:  EtherCAT, Mechatrolink, CANOpen, analog?  Integrated into motor?  Controller/amplifier combination?  Network interfaces for remote IO, HMI, and other nodes?  Custom kinematics for multiple axis trajectory?  Harsh duty (military) requirements?

We have deployed motion control systems in the most basic and the most difficult applications you can imagine in the past 20+ years.  We’ll listen and understand your application needs, desires, and budgetary constraints, then suggest an appropriate controller. We have deployed control systems for many markets:  industrial (reliability, ease of use, off the shelf),  commercial (high volume, very low cost, custom), and military (harsh duty, custom, support).   Bottom line – if we cannot recommend a suitable controller for your needs, it likely does not exist.

  • Single Axis/Embedded amp and control
  • High Axis Count
  • CNC Capability (M code, G code)

Motion & PLC Solutions for any Industry or Application


This our specialty here at AMMC, helping to find the right PC control system, develop and deploy.  Many of our OEM clients prefer PC based architectures to traditional PLC.  More options, lower cost, complete customization.

PLCs and PACs

PLCs are traditional automation control platforms.  Programmable Automation Controls (PAC) combine some of the most challenging applications into one platform; motion, logic, safety, and robotics.  One controller.


Sometimes a custom product is required for an application.  It could be for cost, environmental, or specific feature requirements.  We are partnered with some folks that can help deliver a custom control solution for most any industry.

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AMMC Motion & PLC Solutions Partners

We combine the best-in-class Motion & CNC solutions with the best products on the market. We partner with the best companies from around the world to procure the products you need to support your machines. Check out our lineup below.

  • Yaskawa (Motion Control) Document Library

    Yaskawa (Motion Control) Document Library

    Servo Motion Systems and Components:
    • Single & Multi-axis Machine Controllers
    • IEC61131-3 Software with PLCopen
    • Sigma 5 and Sigma 7 series, Rotary and Linear Motors
    • 3 watt to 55kw capacity
    • Ethernet/IP & EtherCAT

  • Omron Document Library

    Omron Document Library

    Omron Automation
    • PLCs, Controllers, HMI
    • Sensors and Safety Products
    • Drives and motors

  • Delta Tau Document Library

    Delta Tau Document Library

    Motion Controllers, Drives, & CNC:
    • Machine & Motion Controllers
    • Integrated Controller/Amplifiers
    • CNC Solutions

  • Allied Motion Document Library

    Allied Motion Document Library

    Standard and Custom Motors
    • Brushless DC & servo motors
    • Integrated motor/drive
    • Direct drive torque motors

  • Motor Power Company Document Library

    Motor Power Company Document Library

    OEM Motor Solutions
    • COTS and custom motors
    • Integrated motor/drive
    • Direct drive torque motors

  • Trust Automation Document Library

    Trust Automation Document Library

    Mechatronic & Motion Systems:
    • Commercial Off-The-Shelf & Custom Solutions
    • Integrated Control, Drive, Motor & Actuator Systems
    • Military Grade Design, Certification & Manufacture
    • Battery Management Systems

  • LinMot Document Library

    LinMot Document Library

    High Performance Linear Motor Systems:
    • Linear Motors
    • Guided Actuators
    • Servo Drives

  • Elmo Motion Control Document Library

    Elmo Motion Control Document Library

    Motion Control Solutions:
    • Multi Axis Motion Controllers
    • Servo Drive & Motors
    • Integrated Drives/Motors

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With over 100 years of machine and motion control engineering experience, AMMC is uniquely suited to support your next design project through every phase of product development — from design conceptualization and prototyping to commercialization and deployment.

Golden Motion is What We Do

AMMC is your gold standard source for optimal motion control and automation solutions. We deliver for you by leveraging our extensive applications experience and engineering expertise, and providing applications solutions that incorporate blue-chip products and services like those presented here. Coupled with our dedication to the ethics of the “Golden Rule”, you are ensured the “Golden Motion” experience.

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For the past twenty years, AMMC has remained faithful to the ethics of the “Golden Rule” in everything we do. Contact us today to put our time-tested technical excellence and “Golden Motion” solutions to work for you.

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At AMMC, we are dedicated to technical excellence and the ethic of the “Golden Rule”. We will help you navigate through the process of selecting a solution that incorporates blue-chip products and services. Our process begins with a simple conversation where we get to know your business, application, and technical challenges.

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