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Automation Solutions for Military Equipment (Harsh Duty)

At AMMC, we bring innovative ideas and solutions to harsh duty and military equipment manufacturers. Whether it be COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) components or a completely custom electro-mechanical design including embedded controllers, we craft and deliver specialized automation solutions for harsh duty and military equipment OEMs.

We have deployed COTS and custom components on several military and harsh duty applications throughout the years.  Many of these have challenging specifications for environment (temperature, moisture, wind, salt spray), materials, specialty coatings (including CARC paint), voltages and currents and more:

  • Radar (Elevation, Folding)
  • Azimuth (Rotation, Positioning)
  • Fire systems (Water Cannons)
  • Vehicle and Trailer Lift and Leveling
  • Drones (Ground, Air)
  • Munitions Management

Our CAGE code: 8SW90

Automation Solutions for Military Equipment Manufacturing

When it comes to military equipment and harsh duty automation, we are experts in all phases from conceptualization, design, prototyping and deployment. Whether you need a single component or a complete solution, we will engage with your team to help design and implement a product or system fits the application need, optimizes your production process and has long term sustainability.

We can supply COTS and Custom components for most of the following:

Embedded Controllers

Embedded controllers for logic, motion, drives, and motors

Linear and Rotary Feedback

Linear and rotary feedback for incremental and absolute capabilities

Motors & Drives

Motors and drives to manage servo, stepper, and induction motors

Operator Interface Panels

Operator Interface Panels options for touch HMI and manual switches


Software for applications and equipment

Linear and Rotary Actuators

Linear and rotary actuators, belt, screw, and precision tables


Gearing options for all applications, planetary, harmonic, bevel

Networked Systems

Networked components and control systems for controllers, drives, and motors

Let us help you find the right products for your application needs!

Our Solutions Partners

We are solutions architects, not manufacturers. But that doesn’t mean we don’t know where to go for the best automation and equipment for these challenging applications. We create ideal solutions with high quality products and services from the industry’s best engineering design and manufacturing companies.

  • Delta Tau Document Library

    Delta Tau Document Library

    Motion Controllers, Drives, & CNC:
    • Machine & Motion Controllers
    • Integrated Controller/Amplifiers
    • CNC Solutions

  • Allied Motion Document Library

    Allied Motion Document Library

    Standard and Custom Motors
    • Brushless DC & servo motors
    • Integrated motor/drive
    • Direct drive torque motors

  • Trust Automation Document Library

    Trust Automation Document Library

    Mechatronic & Motion Systems:
    • Commercial Off-The-Shelf & Custom Solutions
    • Integrated Control, Drive, Motor & Actuator Systems
    • Military Grade Design, Certification & Manufacture
    • Battery Management Systems

  • Rollvis Swiss Document Library

    Rollvis Swiss Document Library

    Precision Roller Screws:
    • Satellite Roller Screws
    • Reverse Roller Screws
    • Differential Roller Screws

  • Nook Document Library

    Nook Document Library

    Mechanical Components & Systems:
    • Precision Ball & Acme Screws
    • Electric Cylinder & Modular Actuators
    • cme & Ball Screw Jacks

  • Nexen Document Library

    Nexen Document Library

    Precision motion control products
    • Roller pinion, linear and rotary
    • Linear and rotary holding (brake) systems
    • Clutches, torque limiters, tension control

  • E*Drive Document Library

    E*Drive Document Library

    Heavy duty linear screw actuators
    • High thrust capacity
    • Conservative design, rugged construction, long life
    • Can mount any motor, customizeable

  • Cone Drive Document Library

    Cone Drive Document Library

    Gearing solutions for any industry
    • High performance, high precision gearboxes
    • Right angle, double enveloping worm
    • Harmonic solutions

  • Applied Robotics Document Library

    Applied Robotics Document Library

    Specialty robotic grippers and tooling
    • Automatic Tool Changing
    • Collision Sensors
    • Grippers, Docking & Connection

  • Apex Dynamics Document Library

    Apex Dynamics Document Library

    Planetary Gearboxes & Rack Systems:
    • High Precision In-Line & Right Angle Gearboxes
    • Shaft & Flange Output Gearboxes
    • High Precision Spur & Helical Machine Rack & Pinion

  • Amo Document Library

    Amo Document Library

    Linear & Rotary Encoders:
    • Spars & Self-Adhesive Scales
    • IP67 for Harsh Applications
    • Rotary/Linear & Increemental/Absolute
    • Integrated Scale/Linear Bearing System

  • Thomson Document Library

    Thomson Document Library

    Linear Motion Components:
    • Linear Slides & Actuators
    • Ball & Lead Screw
    • Linear Bearings & Guides

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