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With over 100 years of machine and motion control engineering experience, AMMC is uniquely suited to support your next design project through every phase of product development from conceptualization, design, and prototyping, through commercialization and deployment.

Golden Motion is What We Do

AMMC is your gold standard source for optimal motion control and automation solutions. We deliver for you by leveraging our extensive engineering expertise and applications experience, and by providing solutions that incorporate blue-chip products and services. Technical excellence, coupled with our dedication to the  ethics of the “Golden Rule”, ensure you the “Golden Motion” experience.

Most suppliers ask for a part number. WE HELP BUILD YOUR SYSTEM.


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We Understand OUR Role in Your MACHINE Design Cycle




Conceptualize & Solve

A great machine design starts with collaboration between the people with the idea, and those who can help make it happen. The synergy between our team and yours will often create a better product, sooner, at a lower cost. Engage us; you will like the result!



Design & Prove

Component selection is vital for proof of concept and feasibility as well as long-term results and cost optimization. We think about this constantly. If proof of concept on your OEM application is required we try to choose components that make migration to full-rate production easy.



Deploy & Fulfill

Once components are selected, it is important to make sure they all come together and work as designed. Anything from software, hardware, communications and wiring. Whatever we help you conceive, we will help make work. We promise; it is part of the golden rule we live by.



Support & Sustain

Supporting our OEMs machine life cycles has been a major contributor to mutual success. In fact, we often help support and train long beyond the original design team from the OEM. We help support hundreds of solutions we helped conceptualize and deploy through the years.


Research & Renew

Electronic and mechanical components are constantly changing. We stay current with the latest technologies. Knowing the important aspects of your application and market niche, we will be thinking continuously about improvements for your next generation machine.


Concept, Again!

We hope to help on the next design and contribute as a seasoned engineer for your business. Anything we learned the first time around will be useful on subsequent designs. Some of our clients have been with us 25 years running and through several application successes!




Stunning clarity, Suitable for harsh, hazardous and outdoor use


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golden motion

golden motion” is our way of describing our commitment to the ethics of the golden rule and to the gold standards of engineering excellence that have made our business relationships so productive over the past two decades.

golden motion relationships

AMMC  has been faithful to the ethics of the “Golden Rule” since its start  – honesty, fairness, commitment to win-win solutions and treating people with genuine respect.

golden motion innovation

We take pride in our applications capability, just as you do for your machine designs.  We’ll help you create a gold standard solution.

golden motion support

Here at AMMC we follow through for every customer by supporting our innovative solutions with rock solid support.


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At AMMC, we are dedicated to technical excellence and the ethic of the “Golden Rule”. We will help you navigate through the process of selecting a solution that incorporates blue-chip products and services. Our process begins with a simple conversation where we get to know your business, application, and technical challenges.

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