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Tablet and Smartphone Functionality On Your HMI

Smart Phone/Tablet Features: Widescreen, Browser, Multimedia

Glass Display with Capacitive Touchscreen

Stunning Clarity, Multi-Touch Ready, Suitable for Harsh/Hazardous/Outdoor Use

Built-In Web Server

Remote Monitoring & Interactive Control From Anywhere on Any Device

AMMC introduces you to a the CLEAR FUTURE of HMI:

What today’s user wants in a “Modern” HMI touchscreen device is: superior resolution, better graphics, and modern navigation (multi-touch ready), offering legible text and sharper graphic images. Today’s HMI user has grown up on smartphones and tablets and wants this visual appeal and intuitive navigation in a HMI. With Exor HMI displays programmed by JMobile software, the user can enjoy this familiar experience. HMI screens can be viewed not just from the HMI, but from any device with a browser. The HMI is the face of your equipment or your customer’s process where your customer spends most of his time interfacing with the machine. Discover how the right Exor HMI solution can make your HMI vision clear and give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

  • Crisp Brilliant Outdoor Readable Displays
  • Suitable for Harsh / Outdoor Environments
  • HMI Screens and Control From Any Browser
  • Media Player / Streaming Video / PDF Viewer
  • Email Alarms / PDF Reports
  • JMobile Software Suite
  • One Powerful Development Environment for HMI, Browsers, Clients
  • Scalable Vector Graphics With Dynamic Object Properties
  • Rich Widget / Object Library
  • Data Bridging Between Connected Devices
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Built-In PLC Functionality
  • Projected Capacitive Glass Touchscreen
  • Rugged Die-Cast Metal Housing

Superior User Experience

Obtaining visual process and product data and machine condition from your HMI enables the right people to make the right decision at the right time. The Exor HMI allows for both local and remote visualization along with built-in reporting and alarm mechanisms that include a wide variety of delivery options. PDF reports, email alarms, and event scheduling are features of the Exor HMI that are configurable and easy to set up. These powerful tools for machine and process parameterization and monitoring allow for a simpler, lower cost solution to deliver information to those who need it. The Exor HMI solution with its customization will deliver the best user experience available from any HMI, smartphone, or web browser.

User Experience Features

  • Crisp Brilliant Sunlight Readable UV Resistant Widescreen Glass Displays
  • Suitable for Harsh/Hazardous/Outdoor Environments
  • HMI Screens and Control From Any Browser
  • Media Player/Streaming & Live Video/PDF Viewer
  • Email Alarms/PDF Reports
  • Recipes/Data Acquisition/Event Scheduler
  • Multi-Touch Ready Projected Capacitive Touch Screens
  • -20C to +60 C Operating Temperature Range
  • Landscape or Portrait Orientation
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Low Power Consumption
  • USB Port and SD Socket
  • 5-Year Warranty
Exor HMI closeup

Superior Designer Experience

Exor’s JMobile Studio software for HMI programming showcases significant advances in the world of an HMI applications development environment. This modern JMobile tool set enables the designer to craft a more visually appealing user HMI experience. Intuitive navigation and a feature-rich symbol library give you a competitive advantage with your HMI designs. Achieve more professional results in less time. Exor JMobile Studio puts powerful design functionality into your hands and affords you the flexibility to add your personal touch. Exor JMobile Studio and Exor HMI solutions will be your recipe for success.

Design Experience Features

  • JMobile Suite
  • Client-Server Architecture
  • Rich Widget/Symbol Library
  • Drag & Drop Editor
  • Fully Scalable Vector Graphics with Dynamic Object Properties
  • Scripting Language (JavaScript)
  • Simulation – Online & Offline
  • Rockwell, Siemens, Yaskawa, etc… TAG Importer
  • Full HMI Visualization and Control from Smartphones/Tablets/PCs
  • Dual Ethernet Ports with Built-in Switch
  • Data Bridge Functionality between Different Protocols
  • Integrated HMI + PLC + I/O (CoDeSys)
  • Data Acquisition, Report Generation, Alarm Handling
  • Email Alerts, Email Reports


JMobile is a Suite of software components that provides a complete solution for designing applications, connecting devices and visualizing data with Exor HMI’s.
This next generation of software allows for more intuitive design, a richer user experience, better visibility, and better serviceability, both locally, and from afar.
JMobile client-server architecture is based on current web technologies providing users with advanced control and remote supervision from any smart phone, tablet, or computer.

Superior Value Experience

Backed by the industry best 5 Year Warranty, Exor HMIs deliver the best value experience over the life of the product. Exor HMI solutions, with their visual appeal, durability, HMI control functionality, broad connectivity, and modern high-impact graphics offer what today’s users expect from a HMI touchscreen device. Exor products are designed for longer life and provide the best value experience. Now that’s a competitive advantage. Are you using the right HMI for your application?

Value-Added Experience Features

  • Suitable For Harsh Environment, IP69K
  • Glass Screen, High Resolution, Widescreen
  • Outdoor Rated, Sunlight Readable
  • CE, DNV, ATEX, cULus Class 1 Div 2 Approvals
  • Integrated HMI + PLC + I/O (CoDeSys)
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Model Sizes from 4.3” to 21” Display
  • 50+ Manufacturer Communication Protocols
  • Conformal Coated Circuits
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Models Optimized For Building Automation Available
  • Dual Ethernet Ports with Built-in Switch
  • Rugged Die-cast Metal Housing
Codesys exor examples

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