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Drive Solutions


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Drives of all forms

Need a 600hp drive?  Servo drive for an EtherCAT network?  Variable frequency drive that can be programmed like a motion controller?  Embedded drive/motor system? PWM servo drive? Linear servo drive?  Distributed CANOpen networked drives?  Controller/drive combination?  Custom drive for harsh duty or military applications?  We can hep you choose the appropriate drive platform for your needs, then look at your application data and help size the drive and motor required.  We’ve been doing this for 20+ years – we’ll do it right the first time, you can count on it.

  • Drives through 2250HP
  • Distributed/networked Drives
  • Servo, VFD, and custom Drives

Drive Solutions for any Industry or Application


Drives that offer a broad range of control modes, features, options, and packaging, for use in factory automation processes and industrial OEM machines.


Drive/motor combinations through 15kW, our broad range of servos can be matched with single-axis or multi-axis machine controllers for a system solution with the highest quality and reliability in the business.


Some applications require specific features sets, environmental constraints, or brand labeling.  We have developed custom drive systems for OEMs in many markets including military, medical, and industrial.

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AMMC Drive Solutions Partners

We combine the best-in-class drive solutions with the best products on the market. We partner with the best companies from around the world to procure the products you need to support your machines. Check out our lineup below.

  • Omron Document Library

    Omron Document Library

    Omron Automation
    • PLCs, Controllers, HMI
    • Sensors and Safety Products
    • Drives and motors

  • Yaskawa (Drive Systems) Document Library

    Yaskawa (Drive Systems) Document Library

    Variable Frequency Drives (VFD):
    • Variable and Constant Torque
    • 1/8 – 2250HP Capacity
    • Network Communication Interfaces

  • Allied Motion Document Library

    Allied Motion Document Library

    Standard and Custom Motors
    • Brushless DC & servo motors
    • Integrated motor/drive
    • Direct drive torque motors

  • Motor Power Company Document Library

    Motor Power Company Document Library

    OEM Motor Solutions
    • COTS and custom motors
    • Integrated motor/drive
    • Direct drive torque motors

  • Lovato Electric Document Library

    Lovato Electric Document Library

    Panel Components
    • Contactors and motor starters
    • Circuit breakers, fuse holders, disconnects
    • Selector switches and signal towers

  • Trust Automation Document Library

    Trust Automation Document Library

    Mechatronic & Motion Systems:
    • Commercial Off-The-Shelf & Custom Solutions
    • Integrated Control, Drive, Motor & Actuator Systems
    • Military Grade Design, Certification & Manufacture
    • Battery Management Systems

  • Elmo Motion Control Document Library

    Elmo Motion Control Document Library

    Motion Control Solutions:
    • Multi Axis Motion Controllers
    • Servo Drive & Motors
    • Integrated Drives/Motors

We work with smart people and great products.


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Applying KNOWLEDGE and PRODUCT to Create Unique SOLUTIONS


With over 100 years of machine and motion control engineering experience, AMMC is uniquely suited to support your next design project through every phase of product development — from design conceptualization and prototyping to commercialization and deployment.

Golden Motion is What We Do

AMMC is your gold standard source for optimal motion control and automation solutions. We deliver for you by leveraging our extensive applications experience and engineering expertise, and providing applications solutions that incorporate blue-chip products and services like those presented here. Coupled with our dedication to the ethics of the “Golden Rule”, you are ensured the “Golden Motion” experience.

Your Golden Motion Opportunity

For the past twenty years, AMMC has remained faithful to the ethics of the “Golden Rule” in everything we do. Contact us today to put our time-tested technical excellence and “Golden Motion” solutions to work for you.

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At AMMC, we are dedicated to technical excellence and the ethic of the “Golden Rule”. We will help you navigate through the process of selecting a solution that incorporates blue-chip products and services. Our process begins with a simple conversation where we get to know your business, application, and technical challenges.

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