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What is CODESYS and Why Should You Use It?

What is CODESYS and Why Should You Use It?

CODESYS stands for controller development system. While some people may enjoy a good abbreviation, knowing what CODESYS stands for still doesn’t reveal what it is and why automation systems designers should be using it.

That’s what we’re here to answer.

What Exactly is CODESYS? 

CODESYS is a comprehensive software suite used by automation specialists as a development environment for programming controller applications. It’s an IEC 611131-3 programming tool that was developed by the Germany-based company, 3S (Smart Software Solutions) in order to provide users with integrated solutions that make the engineering of automated solutions more convenient. It’s a platform-independent development environment that is compatible with PLC hardware and many other automation components available from hundreds of companies, making it a versatile solution that helps users implement a variety of tasks.


Every one of the five PLC programming languages covered by the IEC 61131-3 standard — ladder diagram, function block diagram, sequential function chart, structured text, and instruction list — is supported by CODESYS. This created a uniform system that supports a huge number of PLCs and automation components being used by a company, allowing system designers to work within any one of them as needed. This simplifies the integration of new products into a system.

There are over a million different devices — spread across 1,000 different device types — from over 400 manufacturers that are compatible with CODESYS, and the environment even allows device manufacturers to create their own programmable and configurable automation components that scale with their system.

CODESYS effectively allows for systems designers to easily integrate most automation components into their design, use any IEC 61131-3 standard programming language, and customize their setup based on their application’s specific needs.

Some of the major reasons to use CODESYS include:

Easy Adaptation 

CODESYS easily adapts to varying system requirements and environments. It’s available as a modular single-source runtime system for different device platforms and also supports all common processors and operating systems. Users can implement specific device properties for I/O functions using library modules, and it’s easy to extend the user interface using manufacturer-specific plug-in modules.

Integrated Functions

CODESYS has integrated functions for practice-oriented automation devices. From configuration of popular fieldbus systems to I/O modules or drives, there is plenty of functionality for system designers to take advantage of. There is also a product option for creating and displaying practice-oriented operating interfaces (e.g. directly via device display, connected monitor, or web browser), and an optional interface that allows for the integration of existing or generated C code.

Learn More About CODESYS 

There’s a reason why CODESYS is widely used in educational institutions for training technicians and engineers: it’s quickly becoming the industry standard.


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