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Automation Product Spotlight: The OMRON NX1 PLC

Automation Product Spotlight: The OMRON NX1 PLC

When it comes to programmable logic controllers (PLCs), Omron is one of the leading manufacturers in the world. That’s why AMMC uses many of their automation products in the PLC solutions we recommend. Omron’s NX series of PLCs can be used to integrate sequence, motion, analog, vision and safety control. They are versatile, easy to set up and use, and use the powerful Sysmac Studio integrated development environment to give developers complete control over their machine needs.

Meet the NX1 Controller

The NX1 PLC offers advanced control for compact and large machines. It offers many of the same capabilities of other PLCs in the NX Series family but with a more compact design. It allows for 16 EtherCAT slaves and 2-8 real axes (up to four can be synchronized), two option boards with serial communication and a high-speed bus that supports local and remote I/O.

Using the easy and quick graphical CAM editor and applications library, engineers can save time while developing 2D and 3D simulation of motion control. The E-CAM control capability enables the NX1 controller to operate continuously at high speeds for fast, redundant processes.

NX1 Controller Features

  1. Precision and high-speed control: Synchronized control of I/O motion within 1 ms cycle time. Jitter = 1 μs. Memory capacity for variable = 33.5 MB.
  2. Secure host connection: equipped with an OPC UA server interface that provides a secure connection to IT systems like MES and ERP. IEC communication protocol is recommended for Industry 4.0 and PackML.
  3. Enhanced EtherNet: improvements to connectivity with existing devices, FINS communications and other vendor/EtherNet/IP performance. Troubleshooting is also easier with visualization of EtherCAT slave errors.
  4. Multicore microprocessor: makes for better control and data handling through information utilizations, including communications and traceability, without compromising performance.
  5. Sysmac Studio: this integrated development environment integrates programming, configuration, information and safety, ensuring a smooth development process. Sysmac also includes Function Blocks for motion control and database connection and Libraries that allow developers to minimize the time spent building systems.

Why Use the NX1 Controller?

Overall, the NX1 Controller improves on efficiency through:

  1. Safety: NX1 integrates safety control into machine control using two open networks: EtherNet and IP. This allows for scalability in safety control for production lines that require fast cycle times.
  2. Quality: NX1 allows for high-speed in-line inspection of products with a standard inspection machine that eliminates the need for offline special machines. This allows for better lead times without sacrificing quality control.
  3. Information: real-time traceability data processing allows for high speed control. NX1 collects traceability data in synchronization with the product cycle while simultaneously performing motion control.

Need more information? View the entire NX1 brochure here.


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