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Automation Product Spotlight: Omron E2E NEXT Sensors

Automation Product Spotlight: Omron E2E NEXT Sensors

Manufacturers are tasked with selecting the best machine/motion control, field bus, HMI, and IIoT options for their automation systems. This includes choosing the right size and type of motors, mechanical actuation methods on new machines and existing machine upgrades. Outside of these major automation products, there are smaller components that help ensure a highquality, robust, and long-lasting machine design. One of these smaller products is the Omron E2E NEXT Sensor.  

Learn more about this product and how it can help your application. 

 Up to 4X Range (vs Standard Sensors)

Most standard M12 sensors work well from 2mm – 4mm max, the Omron E2E NEXT M12 sensor has detection consistency to 9mm. 

The exceptional range offered by the E2E NEXT Sensors allows them to be mounted further away from the intended target. The increased sensing distance reduces the risk of the target impacting the face of the sensor, extending its useful life, and insures continuous operation of the machine. 

LED Indicator can be Seen Regardless of Orientation

The indicator light on the NEXT Sensor is a high-brightness LED light. It’s visible all around at 360°, which makes detection validation easy. 

2 Year Oil Resistant Components

The NEXT Sensor has been rigorously tested for two-year oil resistance based on IP67G and Omron’s harsh oil-resistant component evaluation standards. 

IO-Link 3-Wire Models 

Using the IO-Link Master to connect IO-Link sensors to controllers enables easy diagnostics and replacement by detecting the location and cause of failures in real time.  

The Key Features of the Omron E2E Next Sensor

  • Up to four times the sensing range of standard inductive sensors 
  • DC 2-wire and DC 3-wire versions 
  • Shielded and unshielded versions 
  • PNP or NPN units (3-wire versions) 
  • 360° visible output indicator 
  • -25°C to 70°C operating temperature 
  • Pre-wired & pre-wired connector models: IP67; IP67G; IP69K 
  • Connector models: IP67; IP69K 
  • Short and long body housing options 
  • Available with splatter resistant coating 
  • Connection options: 
  • Pre-wire PVC 
  • Pre-wire Robot PVC 
  • PVC pigtail 
  • Robot PVC Pigtail 
  • M8 3 pin 
  • M8 4 pinM12 4pin 
  • UL, CSA, CE Certifications 

For more information, download the Omron E2E NEXT Sensor catalog. 

Apply the Omron E2E Next Sensor in Your Applications

Omron is a world leader in automation components and solutions, and their products have exceptional quality and value. To discover how this little component can make a large difference in your application, contact AMMC today.