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Automation Product Feature: Motor Power Company Duet Series

Automation Product Feature: Motor Power Company Duet Series

Choosing the most effective drive solution for your automation application will result in greater efficiency, better ROI and a fast, more reliable automated process. With more than 20 years of automation experience, AMMC is here to help you choose the appropriate drive for your system.

There are several manufacturers of drives and even more models to choose between, and today we are focusing on the Motor Power Company DUET Drive Integrated System.

Presenting the DUET Drive Integrated System

The DUET series by Motor Power Company are compact integrated drive systems that allow for efficient axis movement and control and for control functions to be decentralized away from control cabinets. The four models, DUET, DUET FLEXI and DUET HV, and DUET AD all have smart drives, CANopen and EtherCAT networks possibilities, and easy systems configuration setups. The main difference between the models is that DUET HV has high voltage while DUET, DUET FLEXI, and the DUET AD have low voltage.

Each drive/motor delivers exceptional performance and control while eliminating cabling and easing the burden on crowded control cabinets.

Features of the DUET Drive Integrated System

  • Permanently excited, synchronous brushless servomotor
  • Built-in digital drive
  • 48 and 560 Vdc power supply
  • 60 W to 1600 W output power
  • 5000 RPM maximum speed
  • Three modes: torque, velocity and position
  • Built-in feedback 2 poles resolver
  • User programmability

Applications for DUET Series Drives

  • Pharma Machinery: used in automatic inspection machines for detecting extraneous particles and checking correct filling levels. Can also be used for the rotation of vials.
  • Medical field: used in veterinary CT scanners for a high definition, computed tomography-fluoroscopy digital radiography platform. Can also be used for motion main axis operation for positioning and body imaging.
  • Plastic machinery: used in gravimetric blender in plastic processing for the blending of pellets in extrusion processes. Can also be used for operating auger screws for raw plastic dousing.

Choosing the Right DUET Series Drive

  • DUET: extremely compact design with superior thermal dissipation characteristics. This allows the unit to be operated at full peak current without needing power derating or extra ventilation. Available either with network position or velocity mode functionalities.
  • DUET FLEXI: the most up-to-date product range. Features all the characteristics of the original DUET with the additions of absolute encoder feedback and EtherCAT or Profibus connectivity.
  • DUET AD: a drive-integrated servomotor with all the features of the DUET series with the addition of encoder embedding and an original integration design.
  • DUET HV: the high-voltage series that incorporates absolute encoders. Can work via EtherCAT connectivity through a master controller or as a standalone unit. Can manage machine cycles through an internal PLC and features full programming that allows for creating sophisticated architecture with complex trajectories.

Learn more about the DUET series by Motor Power Company by downloading brochures from our document library.


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