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About AMMC


AMMC Owners - Steve, Rob & David

Welcome to AMMC

Over 25 years ago, the three of us met while working in the motion industry and the bond was immediate. The bond started with “true north” principles and values we hold in common. Among these are treating others with respect, fairness, and integrity (the way we like to be treated), strong work ethic (persistence, patience, perseverance), listening more than we talk (seek to understand, then be understood), freedom to set our own direction and value system, and the importance of a united family and close friends. We also feel it is very important to “sharpen the saw,” continuously increase our knowledge about leadership, personal relationship dynamics, and technical skills. These are foundational values that all AMMC employees embrace and operate by today so much so that we felt it important to make it part of our corporate identity – golden motion.

We also had a common goal to create a business in the areas we lived helping people do the things we enjoy – automating machinery. We set out on a course that has been mutually beneficial and rewarding to all;  to us, our customers, our solutions partners, and our families.

Why choose AMMC

With over 100 years of machine and motion control engineering experience, AMMC is uniquely suited to support your next design project through every phase of product development — from design conceptualization and prototyping to commercialization and deployment.

Our Mission 

AMMC strives to be the gold standard source for optimal motion control and automation solutions through our commitment to technical excellence and the ethics of the Golden Rule.”

Golden Motion Philosophy

golden motion IS WHAT WE DO

AMMC is your gold standard source for optimal motion control and automation solutions — and we deliver by leveraging our extensive applications engineering experience and expertise through the diverse group of blue-chip products and services outlined on our website.

golden motion INNOVATION

No matter what phase of the design process your project may be in, AMMC is prepared to support your engineering needs with unparalleled expertise:

  • Mechanical Systems and Servo Sizing
  • Control Architecture Evaluation and Selection
  • Optimized Network Configuration
  • Complete System Design
  • Simulation

golden motion SUPPORT

AMMC follows through for every customer by supporting all its engineering innovation with
rock solid support:

  • Product Training
  • Machine Retrofits and Upgrades
  • Plant Audits
  • Repair and Warranty Services
  • Spare and Replacement Parts


 YOUR golden motion OPPORTUNITY

For the past twenty years, AMMC has remained faithful to the ethics of the “Golden Rule” in everything we do. Contact us today to put our time-tested technical excellence and gold standard solutions capability to work for you.



AMMC Value

AMMC provides value to its golden motion customers and suppliers by:

  • Being a technology partner with the capacity to insightfully guide customers through product development processes which establish and validate optimal design choices for mechanical and electrical systems/components.
  • Offering our customers support for every phase of product development, from design conceptualization and prototyping to commercialization and deployment — including a thoughtful and proactive perspective on product life cycle and subsequent product generations.
  • Understanding the latest advancements in motion and robotics that will allow for the optimized selection of classic versus novel technologies.
  • Training our customers in the processes, tools, service support parameters and products utilized in our innovative motion control and automation solutions.
  • Providing friendly and helpful customer service as well as the continuity of a reliable product supply chain.
  • Maintaining our professional integrity through a sincere and sustained commitment to the ethics of the “Golden Rule”.

We Understand Our Role



 We are AMMC

Our dedicated team of management, sales and applications engineers, and support staff who work day-in and day-out together to bring our clients the most amazing solutions and logistics support.