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Dick Hohn

Dick Hohn

Sr. Applications Engineer

Special Projects and Applications Engineering.

After receiving his Bachelor and Master of Science Degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University with a Major in Automatic Control, Dick started his career at Honeywell Ordnance Division in Minneapolis working on stabilization and control systems for armored vehicles. He then joined Cincinnati Milacron in Cincinnati, Ohio where he worked in the Research and Development Department. He was involved in the study of machine tool chatter and the dynamic control of machine tools with technical papers written in the chatter field and a patent for torque estimation for a hydraulic spindle drive. He developed computer programs for analysis and sizing of machine tool servo axes to achieve better performance when mechanical resonances were present. Dick also received his MBA degree at Xavier University.

Assessing the market opportunities for Milacron lead to the development of the first commercially available mini-computer controlled articulated arm industrial robot with coordinated tool center point control. This resulted in several patents for Dick, including ones related to the application of robots. He was the fourth recipient of the international Joseph Engelberger Award for contributions to the art and science of robotics. He also served on the first RIA safety committee that developed safety standards for the application of robots.

Dick started Dynamic Systems Consulting Company to consult in controls for systems that included control of a large manipulator for ship surface preparation and recoating. He then joined Drivex Corporation, a distributor of motion control products. Dick was in sales and worked with customers to specify and size servo systems for machines used in industry to automate various manufacturing processes. When Drivex was purchased by AMMC, Dick continued to provide to same sales and engineering expertise for their motion control customers.

Motion control and working with customers to achieve optimum cost/performance has always been a driving passion for Dick.


Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering – Purdue University

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering – Purdue University

Master of Business Administration – Xavier University