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4 Yaskawa Single Axis Drives to Consider for Your Automation System

4 Yaskawa Single Axis Drives to Consider for Your Automation System

Some OEMs need to create solutions for complex motion applications, but there are many who only require a more simple, single axis application. There are some very capable single axis controller/drive combos that can be used as the motion and machine controller, which negates the need for a programmable logic controller (PLC), while other single axis controller/drive combos integrate elegantly with a preferred PLC.   

Yaskawa has created an array of single axis controller/drive combos that are quality and readily available. These single axis options are built on the powerful Sigma-7 ServoPack drive platform with one differencethere is a programmable motion controller embedded on the SERVOPACK. The standard Sigma-7 Servopacks are offered with many of the most popular high speed and deterministic servo control methods/buses including Analog, Pulse/Direction, EtherCat, and Mechatrolink. The standard Sigma-7 Servopacks are controlled and managed by a host controller, often a Yaskawa MP series controller. 

For more information, download Full Sigma 7 Product Brochure 

Here are four single axis drives to consider for your automation system. 

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#1: THE SIGMA-7Siec

The Sigma-7Siec puts complete control for a single axis of servo motion in one compact unit that conserves space in control cabinets. Sigma-7Siec combines a Sigma-7 SERVOPACK amplifier and one axis of machine control in the space of a conventional amplifier, at a significant savings when compared to separate motion/machine control and drive components. 

Some of its benefits include: 

  • The Sigma-7Siec offers single axis motion in a compact package 
  • IEC61131-3 and PLCopen programming standards 
  • Controller and SERVOPACK integrated in one unit 
  • Open standards EtherNet/IP and Modbus/TCP for connectivity to nearly every HMI and PLC on the market 
  • Numerous third-party remote I/O modules such as Phoenix, Wago, and Opto 22 can be interfaced with the system via MECHATROLINK and Ethernet 
  • A built-in web server offers standard controller diagnostic information eliminating the need for special software for maintenance personnel 

For more information, download Sigma-7Siec Specifications Manual 


The SigmaLogic7 is a compact, high performance SERVOPACK servo amplifier with a big bonus: it includes add-on Instructions (AOIs) for the Rockwell ControlLogix and CompactLogix family of programmable logic controllers. You can send instructions directly from your Rockwell PLC directly to SigmaLogic7 Compactno other programming software is required.  

Some of its other benefits include: 

  • No other programming software needed 
  • Use direct command or 200 point configurable sequence table 
  • More compact than ever before; frees up space in control cabinets 
  • Internal switch for daisy chaining of multiple amplifiers 
  • Perform basic point-to-point moves, blended speed moves, homing, jogging, using direct commands or initiating moves through a configurable sequence table 
  • The LogicWorks software utility may be used to download sequence and configuration data 

For more information, download SigmaLogic7 Compact Brochure 

#3: THE SIGMA-7 FT79

Positioning without a motion controller, the FT79 built-in indexer option for Sigma-7 SERVOPACKS delivers precise, high-speed positioning simply by entering position, speed and other data into the program table of the SigmaWin+ configuration tool. No extra software to learn or motion controllers to buy. 

Some of its benefits include: 

  • Provided positioning functions: ZONE signal outputs, jog speed table, origin returns and more 
  • Positioning starts with a simple start command from the host controller 
  • Common applications: point-to-point positioning, fixed point positioning, station positioning (indexing), feeding 
  • Available positioning commands include: 
  • POS/SPD/ACC/DEC commands- an operating pattern is set up by entering target positions, positioning speeds, accelerations and decelerations 
  • RDST/RSPD commands- external signals can be used to control positioning (registration) 
  • Event commands- conditions can be set to determine the completion of a program step 

For more information, download Sigma-7 FT79 Brochure 

#4: THE SIGMA-7 FT62

While not a standalone controllerthis Servopack option adds extremely high-speed outputs based on motor position when used with an MP series control and is worthy of noting. The SGD7S amplifier FT62 variant allows digital outputs to be set on or off according to encoder position within one machine cycle with only one microsecond latency. 

For more information, download Sigma-7 FT62 High Speed Output Application Note 


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