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DISTRIBUTOR of World-Class Automation Products and ENGINEERED SOLUTIONS

When you work with AMMC, you are buying directly from a reliable and authorized partner of motion control, automation, and robotics manufacturers. We partner with top companies to provide ready-to-ship, off-the-shelf components and other custom products.




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We’re engineers first, salespeople second. This focus makes us uniquely suited to support your next automation design project. We are more than a reseller of automation components. We are automation specialists who have over 100 years of machine and motion control engineering experience.

We don’t simply write up purchase orders and send you on your way. We can help you design your system, implement your solution, and train your team to use your new products. Whether you need a single product or a system built from the ground-up, AMMC has your solution. Technical excellence, coupled with our dedication to the ethics of the “Golden Rule.” All of this ensures you the complete “Golden Motion” experience.

golden motion

golden motion” is our way of describing our commitment to the ethics of the golden rule and to the gold standards of engineering excellence that have made our business relationships so productive over the past two decades.

golden motion relationships

AMMC  has been faithful to the ethics of the “Golden Rule” since its start  – honesty, fairness, commitment to win-win solutions and treating people with genuine respect.

golden motion innovation

We take pride in our applications capability, just as you do for your machine designs.  We’ll help you create a gold standard solution.

golden motion support

Here at AMMC we follow through for every customer by supporting our innovative solutions with rock solid support.

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At AMMC, we are dedicated to technical excellence and the ethic of the “Golden Rule”. We will help you navigate through the process of selecting a solution that incorporates blue-chip products and services. Our process begins with a simple conversation where we get to know your business, application, and technical challenges.

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COVID-19 UPDATE:  AMMC Remains Open for Business

Our sales, engineering, and customer service teams are ready to support applications, orders, and troubleshooting via on-site visits, phone, email, teleconference, web meetings, and remote support tools. We love this country and our fellow man and know that as a nation we will come together to aid one another, prevail over this now long-term challenge, and recover to prosperity.

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